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5 Things You Should Know About Gates

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

1) Size Matters

It’s important to consider what will be entering and exiting your property on a regular basis when you decide on a gate design. An average single gate is 3 to 4 feet wide. If you’re a lawn care fanatic and take your riding mower in and out of your yard often, you definitely want your gate to be closer to 4ft. If you need to drive through your gate, you're probably looking for something more like an 8ft double gate.

2) Its important to have it done right

Quality is important if you want a gate that lasts! Gates that aren’t properly installed or are built without the right supports can sag over time. It’s also important to have your gate mounted on the right size posts that can hold the weight of your gate without bending.

3) Check your landscape

Gates that open on a hill require a little bit of creativity. First of all, make sure your gate is set up to open downhill — it seems like common sense but you’d be surprised how many people don’t consider that you can’t open a run-of-the-mill gate uphill.

4) Hardware

The hardware you choose for your gate matters! Not only can it be a great way to showcase your design aesthetic, it’s also functionally important. Certain hardware is rated for certain weights…you don’t want to install hinges rated for a combined weight that is less than the weight of your gate. You can also get adjustable hinges which (1) make the gate easier to install and (2) can be helpful if your gate sags over time as they allow you to easily make adjustments. These are a great option for someone building a DIY gate.

5) You do have options

While there’s nothing wrong with a basic swinging gate, there are a lot of options to upgrade your gate game. You could install an electric drive gate opener to save time and hassle. Even better, you could install a solar powered automatic opening gate for peak convenience.

If you have any gate questions that we haven’t answered here, ask in the comments — we’re always up for some shop talk!

Contact us today if you’re ready to make a move on your new custom fence!

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