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Vinyl Split Rail Fence Denver

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Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Split Rail Fence Denver
Vinyl Privacy Fence Denver

Uniform: Unlike wood, vinyl has a very uniform and clean overall look — no knots and no unpredictable grain patterns.

Design Options: Like wood, vinyl fences can come in many custom styles. Whether you’re looking for a commercial privacy fence, residential rail fence, picket fence, or any other style, we have a vinyl option. 


Durable: Something many people don’t realize is that vinyl is 5x stronger than wood! This extra strength is a big selling point with these strong Colorado winds. As they are resistant to rot and water damage, vinyl fences are a great long lasting option. However, if you ever do need to make repairs, they are relatively easy to do as each individual piece can be removed and replaced with an identical piece.


Long Post and Gate Life:  When you install a vinyl fence you don’t have to worry about post decay. Unlike wood, the vinyl is immune to water damage and rot. Furthermore, all gate posts are installed with a heavy duty steel insert and adjustable hinges so you don’t have to worry about your gate sagging over time.  It’s easy to make adjustments if needed.



These are just a few of many benefits of installing a vinyl fence over alternatives like wood or metal, to learn more, visit our Vinyl FAQs article). Going with vinyl can save time, money, and potential future hassle, and will be a great addition to your home or business.


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