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Why Work in the Trades

An Inforgrpahic with Statistics about why the trades are a great career choice
Why Work in the Trades Infographic

You already know that First Rate Fence is passionate about building the best quality fences and providing amazing customer service...but did you know that we are also passionate about helping people understand that working in the trades is an excellent career choice? Despite what you may have heard, a career in the trades pays well, provides a sense of meaning and value in your work, has tons of room for growth, and can even prepare you to own your own business one day. Here are just a few facts and statistics to back up our claims:

  • The annual income of people who work in the skilled trades is 22-53% higher than that of the general population.

  • The average student loan amount for Americans who attended college is $37,172.

  • 83% of people in the trades report being “very satisfied or ”somewhat satisfied” with their career. Job satisfaction in the trades is exceptionally high.

  • On the path from entry level to experienced, wages nearly double, rising 80%

  • Contrary to popular belief, the trades are not an old fashioned industry. The innovation in tools alone is astonishing. We no longer build the way our grandparents did. Furthermore, in the last year, 21% of tradespeople adopted third party financing, 36% adopted new tools for meetings, 39% adopted new tools for quotes, 42% adopted new tools for planning, and 47% adopted tools for digital payments.

  • A career in the trades teaches you countless transferable skills, including (but not limited to):

-Entrepreneurial thinking

-Problem solving

-Job task planning

-Physical endurance

-Work ethic

-Time Management

-Meeting deadlines

  • Mastering a trade and gaining skills in the field not only prepares you to advance in your position--it prepares you to potentially own your own business if you so choose.

Here at First Rate Fence, we are proud tradespeople. A career in the trades not only gives you practical and useful skills, it pays well. Trade careers let you avoid student loan debt and allow you to gain valuable experience while being educated in the technical aspects of the position. Don’t miss the opportunity to grow meaningful relationships in the tight-knit trades community and find meaning and value in your career as we continue to build the world around us.

If you're interested in starting your career in the trades, give us call at 720-458-4127 or send us a message to -- we are always looking for new members of our growing team.


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