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4 Reasons Why You Should Get a New Fence This Winter

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Schedule your new fence this winter with First Rate Fence!
Schedule your new fence this winter with First Rate Fence!

As I'm sure many of our local Denver customers know, Denver is expecting its first snow of the season! While most people are looking forward to sledding, snowmen, and hot chocolate, they should really be looking forward to having a brand new fence installed. You may not consider winter to be a great time for home improvement projects, but we're here to change your mind. It may be a bit cold, but that's what winter gear is for! Here are a few reasons to give us a call as the temperatures are dropping!

1) Slow Season Deals

Here at First Rate Fence, we love to work all year long! However, fencing (like many businesses) has a slow season. Winter is our slow season. If you schedule your project during winter, you can get a great deal since we're working extra hard to keep our schedule full and our team members happy.

2) It's Easier to Get On The Schedule

During our busy season, we do our best to get started on every project as quickly as we can. However, when everyone waits until spring to get started on their new fence the schedule can fill up fast! At the peak of our busy season, you may be waiting weeks to get your new fence installed. When you schedule your fence in the winter you're able to get on our schedule much faster and get the ball rolling on your new fence.

3) Less Damage to Landscaping

First Rate Fence always aims to be respectful of our customer's property -- landscaping isn't cheap to have done professionally and is a labor of love if you choose to do it yourself! Building a fence in the winter allows us to work around your dormant plants much more effectively than working around them at full bloom in the spring.

4) You're "Good Weather" Ready

The hardest part of having anything new built is having to wait to enjoy it. If you wait until it's nice out to install your new fence, you'll have to wait to have the estimate done, get on the schedule, and get the job completed before you can enjoy your new fence! This process could take up weeks (depending on how far out we're scheduled ) of the prettiest time of year--those are weeks that you could have already been enjoying barbecues in your beautifully fenced yard. When you build your fence in the winter, it is already ready and waiting for you on the first day of nice weather!

In conclusion, we know most people don't think about their fence until the weather is nice, but there are some great benefits to thinking outside the box an scheduling your fence in the winter. We love building beautiful custom fences all year round--sun, rain, wind, snow, you name it! Contact us today to schedule your new fence!

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