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Fence Post Decay

If you’ve inherited an old fence with your new home or if you’ve been putting off replacing the fence you’ve had for 15+ years, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Just because you don’t see the damage, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Although your fence may seem sturdy, you could be one strong gust of wind away from a surprise expense or your pups getting out if you aren’t home! If you find yourself needing to replace fence sections or if there’s any give in the post if you try to shake it, it may be time for a new fence. The picture above is from a from a project we recently did in Denver—and it’s very common. The post on the far left is new, the next post has been decaying and weakening for years and was pulled out of the ground before it could break, the next posts actually rotted and snapped off. It’s better to get ahead of the problems before they reach the breaking point. Planning your perfect new fence is much more enjoyable than trying to rush to schedule the work and deal with insurance companies. A well installed cedar (pictured) post should last at least 15-20 years. If you’re looking for something to last even longer, we can also easily install low profile steel fence posts.

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