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What Kind of Wood Should I Use for My Fence?

Cedar Fence in Denver, Colorado
Cedar Fence in Denver, Colorado

A question we hear from our customers on a regular basis is “what type of wood should we use for our fence?”. The answer is Cedar or Redwood (with cedar being the most common and cost effective). You should NEVER use pressure treated wood for your fence if you live in Colorado.

If you want a wood fence in a dry climate, Cedar is 100% the way to go. While it may seem counterintuitive, using pressure treated lumber is actually MUCH worse for your fence if you live in Colorado. The harsh, dry climate pulls all the moisture out of the pressure treated wood causing warping, twisting, and shrinkage. Furthermore “Due to the chemical infusion process, this type of wood is not considered environmentally friendly nor is it easy to dispose of…. and Pressure treated lumber doesn’t accept stain readily because the wood is already impregnated by the pressure treatment. The stain will remain on the surface and turn into a sticky black mess over the years.” (Rocky Mountain Forest Products).

Cedar is not just ‘a better alternative to pressure treated wood’, it’s a great choice in its own right. The natural oils in Cedar make it resistant to decay and insects (including mosquitos and moths!) without any kind of chemical treatment—all natural bug repellent! Unlike some of its alternatives, Cedar doesn’t easily absorb moisture which means it’s unlikely to warp or twist. A properly maintained Cedar fence can last 15 to 20+ years (and luckily, cedar fences require very little maintenance). Cedar fences are naturally beautiful, strong, and made to last.

If you’re ready to install a beautiful new Cedar fence, contact First Rate Fence today to schedule your free site check and estimate! Call 720.458.4127 or visit

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