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Why Does My Business Need a Commercial Fence?

If you own a business or a piece of commercial property, you probably need a fence. Not only does a great fence improve the curb appeal of your business, it also secures your property and helps your employees feel safe at work.

Employee Safety

If your building is in a high traffic area, installing a fence and gate can greatly improve the safety and peace of mind of your employees. Many businesses in busy areas have trouble with random people coming in from the street asking to use phones, bathrooms, etc. While most of these people have no bad intentions, it can be uncomfortable for your employees not knowing what to expect from the people walking in off the street. Furthermore, a common concern for employees is walking out into a dark, open parking lot after work. Securing your parking lot with a fence and gate eliminates the need for your people to be nervous walking out to their cars after a long day.

Product and Property Security

Fences are a physical barrier between your property and the outside world. It’s much more difficult to vandalize a building or steal merchandise if you have to climb in and out of the property to do it (especially if you opt for a chain link fence with barbed wire!). Many crimes are crimes of opportunity, don’t give people the opportunity to harm your business.

Curb Appeal

Having a high quality, well designed fence shows the world that you care enough about your business to invest in making it look as great as you can. Whether you like it or not, people do judge books by their covers. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to attract potential customers by taking your curb appeal seriously.

Commercial fences can vary dramatically based on the needs of your business. If you’re in a historic downtown area you may need a standard 6 foot privacy fence with top cap and trim whereas if there aren’t height restrictions you may prefer to have a beautiful and very secure 8 foot privacy fence. If you prefer an industrial look and security is of top importance, a chain link fence with barbed wire on top may be just the fence for you. If you’re not sure exactly what kind of fence you need, we are more than happy to listen to your concerns and help you make an educated decision and figure out the best fencing solution for your business. If you’re ready to have a great commercial fence installed in Denver or anywhere on the Front Range, give us a call at 720.458.4127 or visit to schedule a free site check and estimate.

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