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Why You Need a Commercial Security Fence for Your Business and How to Choose the Right One

Ameristar Commercial Ornamental Metal Security Fence with Privacy Screen
Ameristar Commercial Ornamental Metal Security Fence with Privacy Screen

If you own or manage a commercial property in or around Denver, there is no doubt that you’ve noticed an increase in property-related crime and vandalism. Here at First Rate, we receive calls daily from businesses that are having trouble keeping people off of their property, having issues with theft, or spending a ridiculous amount of money cleaning up trash and vandalism. In fact, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, property crime is up 20%, auto theft is up 86%, and “criminal mischief” (vandalism, generally) is up 25% leaving Colorado at the 4th highest increase in all crimes in the country (Source: Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Colorado Crime Statistics). Businesses seem to be painfully aware of that jump.

Why you need a security fence for your business in Colorado.

While a little bit of theft and vandalism is par for the course when you own a commercial property, these huge numbers are costing Colorado businesses quite a bit of money. According to the U.S Small Business Association, a single incident of vandalism costs a business $3,370 on average (source). This cost is either taken as a loss to the business or shifted to customers, making it even harder to make sales and maintain a low overhead. If your business is having issues with auto theft, dangerous activity in its vicinity, or vandalism, it may be hard to attract (or keep) great employees. Furthermore, customers won't keep coming back if they don’t feel safe at your location.

Now that we’ve discussed crime, vandalism, and lack of safety, let’s discuss the solution. Security Fencing. We believe that maintaining a secure permitter is the easiest way to stop potential threats. However, with so many options to choose from, the decision process for your commercial security fence can seem a bit overwhelming.

Here are a couple of key things to consider when choosing your fence:


The material you choose for your fence is the most important choice you will make when it comes to the security of your property. While many people love chainlink for its affordability, it’s important to recognize that chainlink is very easy to cut. Even with the addition of barbed wire or razor wire, it’s not very secure if someone can simply cut the fence and walk right through it. If you have a yard or property with items that can easily be picked up, it’s not difficult for a burglar to cut your chainlink, walk onto your property, grab what they want, and walk right out. However, if theft isn't an issue and you're more concerned about just creating a physical barrier between your property and the next, chainlink can be a great, affordable option. The addition of privacy slats is also a great way to increase the privacy of your property with a commercial-grade chain link fence.

Commercial Chain Link Security Fence Colorado
Commercial Chain Link Fence

While chain link does have its place in security fencing, we typically recommend Ameristar Commercial Grade Ornamental Metal Fences for any property that is experiencing issues with theft, vandalism, or unwanted visitors. We aren’t an Ameristar distributor and don’t make any commissions on selling it—we just think it’s one of the best options on the market when it comes to security fencing. In their words, “From anti-ram barriers to enclosure grids, Ameristar products secure critical infrastructure all across the world. Our high standards produce premium products that exceed industry standards.” (Source) Made from high-quality steel and closely spaced pickets, these fences are much more difficult to cut through or climb. You can further enhance the security of these ornamental metal fences with the addition of spear tops, choosing a taller fence, and/or adding privacy screens.

Commercial Ornamental Metal Fence Colorado
Commercial Ornamental Metal Fence


Once you’ve decided on the material and style of your fence, you should consider how people will access your property. We are big fans of automated RFID or keypad entry gates. While manual gates are great for residential projects, they aren’t always the best option for commercial fencing projects. If you have a larger company with quite a few employees or drivers coming in and out all day, asking them to get out of their car to unlock and open the gate, drive through, and get out of their car again to close and lock the gate every time they come or go isn’t very convenient or secure. Automating this process saves time and eliminates the risk of human error—ensuring that the gate is always locked when not in use.

Automated Commercial Chainlink Gate Colorado
Automated Commercial Chainlink Gate


Now you know what type of fence you want…but can you have it? Every city in Colorado has its own zoning code with rules and guidelines for what is and what isn’t acceptable for commercial fencing. Even if your fence is clearly within that code, most cities ask that the new fence goes through the permitting process before being installed. This process can take anywhere from one week to 6 months (or even longer in extreme circumstances or in busier cities such as Denver). If you know that you need a fence installed for the security of your property, the best thing you can do is get the ball rolling as soon as possible. The sooner we can get started with the permitting process, the sooner we can have your fence installed. Of course, First Rate Fence is not only licensed and insured, but we are also familiar with most zoning codes and typical permitting times for different cities—we are happy to discuss all this at your free site check (schedule that here!).

So, why should you choose First Rate Fence for your Commercial Security Fence?

Choose First Rate Fence for your project because we don’t take the security of your property lightly. We are knowledgeable about the products, experienced with the installation, and great at keeping open communication throughout your project. No matter what type of security fence you are looking for, we can help. When you’re ready to get started on designing and installing your new fence, give us a call or fill out this quick and easy contact form.

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